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Update: 4 Weeks of No Shopping. Or: I’m a self-indulgent, privileged asshole

First, this exercise is not aptly named. It should be something like “A Year of Not Buying Anything I Don’t Need” or “A Year of Not Buying Any Bullshit” (though, that has other connotations that would also make a great exercise and I’m going to do that, too. Totally doing that. Bullshit purveyors: Step off)….

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By Viki Gonia, January 29, 2018
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Happy New Year

I had this plan to wake up and watch the first sunrise of the year and then write some inspiring things about my plans for 2018. But this is what the sunrise looks like this morning:   A little dreary, no? That sky is a reason to climb back into bed and try to develop…

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By Viki Gonia, January 1, 2018
On Being Mothered

On Being Mothered

The photograph headlining this post probably encapsulates perfectly what it must have been like to mother me all these years, at least 75% of the time. Maybe 95%. Mom would probably say, “No, only maybe 25%” while really wanting to say “50%” but deeply wishing to say¬†“75%.” And it would depend on how many mimosas…

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By Viki Gonia, May 14, 2017
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