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Don’t be an asshole. Vote for Hillary.

I don’t even know where to start. I was all fired up when I sat down at the computer and now I’ve been sitting here and I’m halfway through my cocktail and all I’ve done is type sentences and erase them. I just don’t know where to start. I’m going to start with a terrible…

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By Viki Gonia, September 27, 2016

Well, hi there, website!

I haven’t written in a long while, not publicly, at least. I have a lot to say, so I’m just gonna do what I do when I’m not sure where to start and make a list. Also, there is a fly in my house and it is really pissing me off. When someone tells you…

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By Viki Gonia, August 19, 2016

Food I plan to make, courtesy of my Facebook “saved link” list

Whenever I come across a link in my Facebook timeline to a recipe that looks delicious, I click the little arrow and save that link. That list of saved links is really long, and incredibly disorganized, because that’s the nature of that Facebook feature. My house has been undergoing some remodeling, so the time and…

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By Viki Gonia, December 16, 2015
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