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Humid Being & Salty Farms

There’s a sweet new arts magazine, Humid Being, covering the underground art scene in and around Daytona Beach, and I wrote a review in their first issue of one of my favorite restaurants in the area, Salty Farms Restaurant. Hop over to Humid Being to check it out, and if you find yourself in the Ormond Beach/Daytona area, do yourself a favor and plunk down at a table at Salty Farms and order one of everything. You can thank me later. (DEFINITELY GET THE KEY LIME PIE OMG)

You can follow Humid Being on Facebook and Instagram, or just dive into their website. Issue 2 is coming in February, and I’ll have another restaurant review in there, plus some other stuff! 

Since I wrote the review, I’ve been back several times. Here’s a bit more food porn for you to feast your eyes upon.

Tuna Poke
Absolutely divine crab cakes
I call it Key Lime Tiramisu, because that’s what it’s like, and also it’s fabulous
Fish & Shrimp
By Viki Gonia, December 18, 2018
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