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Happy New Year

I had this plan to wake up and watch the first sunrise of the year and then write some inspiring things about my plans for 2018. But this is what the sunrise looks like this morning:


A little dreary, no? That sky is a reason to climb back into bed and try to develop a new habit of sleeping late.

But not really, of course. It’s mostly a reminder. A gray and blustery reminder that I can’t just wake up one day and have everything be clear. I have to do the work, and I have to be patient while I do it. Because the sun is up there, behind all those clouds that look heavy, but are really nothing but a mass of misty air and water.

And clarity is in my head. It peeks out more often than not, thankfully, but I allow dark and heavy clouds to get in the way. If I’m being completely truthful, I gotta admit that more often than not, I’m cranking up the fog machine in my own head. Like clarity is scary or something.

Several years ago, I had the words “Now” and “Let Go” tattooed on my wrists. People ask me what it means to me, what my reasoning was, but it’s kinda obvious, no?

I don’t even want to say that 2018 is all about letting go, because for the most part, I’ve already done that. I just need to pack all that stuff up and drop it at the Goodwill (today’s task). Or block it from my phone and all my social media accounts (done). Or listing it on eBay or giving it away to someone who will use it. The letting go, at this point, is just an item on my chore list.

What 2018 is really going to be about is making room. In my life, my heart, my soul. And also in my closet. And that drawer where I store all my cameras and camera accessories. I would include in this list that cabinet where I store all my shoes but let’s be real. I’m probably not getting rid of any of my shoes.

I need more room for more experiences and endeavors and people who enrich my life, rather than those that diminish it. I need more room for creating and loving and living and sharing.

I’m pretty excited for 2018. It feels very full of promise and ripe for change. I’m ready.



By Viki Gonia, January 1, 2018
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