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Blue Apron: Crispy Catfish & Cracked Freekeh

Catfish was probably one of the first fish that I learned to cook. Everybody’s had catfish at one point in their lives, right? Some of the other stuff that went into this Blue Apron meal, not so much. I’ve had the freekeh before in other Blue Apron meals, but it’s not one of those things I’d ever have thought to cook myself. Thank goodness for Blue Apron for widening my damn horizons. Kumquats? These little nuggets of citrus? Who’d a thunk? Collard greens, I’ve had, and like, and they go with catfish like biscuits and honey.

This tiny little bird’s eye chile, though? Looks like it packs a punch. And while I heeded the warning to wash my hands and cutting board and knife after handling it, I wish I’d cut it open to get a little more bang for that tiny little red buck.

There are some nights when my decision over which Blue Apron meal to cook that night is based purely upon the estimated cooking time. I just want to take off my shoes and eat. This one says 15-25 minutes, which is odd since the freekeh takes 20-22 minutes to cook, but math isn’t my strong suit. Maybe they know something I don’t. At any rate, it didn’t take long at all.

Get that freekeh on the boil, wash and chop your produce and you’re ready to roll. But seriously, watch out for that little pepper. I’ve rubbed my eyes after cutting jalepenos and considered stabbing myself in the eye just to make the pain go away. Don’t you do that to yourself.



As usual, because my brain is a basic little thing that needs easy, quick steps to follow, I wrote out the steps in a more basic list than what Blue Apron provides on the recipe card. It just makes it easier for me to follow. If I don’t do that, I end up forgetting to do something, like cook the catfish. Or get the glaze going.

And this glaze! Of course it was good because it contained a ton of sugar. Now, I have a tough time with sauces and glazes. Glazes in particular. I tend to cook them down a little too far, and then I’m pretty much scraping the pan to get at that sweet gooey goodness. I didn’t do too badly this time around, but I could have pulled it off the heat sooner. And, like I said above, I should have halved the chile. Because what’s better with sweet than hot? I like it hot. And sweet. So, yeah.



This was a really easy dish to prep and cook, and the flavors and textures were many and varied, which makes it all that more satisfying. I’ll be making this one again. And again.


Please note that I don’t work for Blue Apron, and though they have given me a free meals in the past, I will certainly let you know that, and it wouldn’t affect my review of the meal or recipe in the slightest, I promise. I do occasionally have free weeks of Blue Apron to give away, so if you’d like to give it a try, please shoot me an email via the contact form down below and let me know what email address you’d like me to send it to. I’ll put you on the list. Be aware that you’ll have to give them your credit card number to start, and though your first week will be free, they will automatically charge you for the next week at the time of shipment, so read those terms and conditions carefully if you don’t think you’ll be wanting to continue.

By Viki Gonia, March 14, 2015
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