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Biscuits: Carmelized onions & Gruyere

You’ll learn soon enough that I have thing with biscuits. I make them all the time. About 30% of the time I make biscuits, they fail, usually in spectacular fashion. It’s often because I use too much butter or shortening, so I end up with a giant, baking-sheet size biscuit. Or biscuit pancakes. Tasty biscuit pancakes, because they’re over-filled with butter and/or shortening. Sometimes they fail because I use too much baking soda or powder, and they taste like metal. Which is gross. No one wants to eat a metal biscuit.

I found this recipe for Carmelized Onion & Gruyere Biscuits over at Smitten Kitchen. I love me some Smitten Kitchen. And everything she says about these biscuits is deliciously true.

I changed things up a bit when I made them. I didn’t have any buttermilk, and I didn’t want to go to the store in my nightgown, so I used some sour cream mixed with a little milk. Most of the onions I had on hand were red onions, which is perfectly fine. I like my carmelized onions to be really carmelized, so I cooked them longer than Smitten Kitchen does. And I didn’t use any sugar. Instead, at the end, I added a hefty spoonful of Laura Ann’s Jam’s Apricot Ginger. What’s that? You’ve never had any of Laura Ann’s Jam’s? Go fix that right now. At the very least, get yourself some of the Raspberry Habanero and realize that your life is now complete.

Uncooked Biscuit

They’re not even baked yet and they look delicious.

The cheese melted, and some of it dripped down the sides of the biscuit and got all crispy and amazing at the bottom edges. I may or may not have broken all of that crispy cheese off the bottom of all the biscuits and eaten it myself.

If I’d had any greens in the fridge, I would have served this biscuit with a small, crisp arugula salad, with a slice of ham nestled between the flaky, cheese-y, onion-y layers. I didn’t have any ham, either. I made do with some scrambled eggs and an icy-cold glass of milk. And then I had a heart attack. Just a small one. It’s cool.

Scrambled eggs & biscuits

These biscuits are everything. So savory, they are a meal in themselves.

Biscuit side view

Go make some. It’s worth it. And use the really good, expensive gruyere, too.


By Viki Gonia, March 10, 2015
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